Brown Mountain Restoration offers a wide variety of restoration and conservation services including, but not limited to, the items listed below. We utilize the finest quality conservation products and most repairs are reversible. If you do not see the service you need listed, please contact us, we may be able to conserve it as well.

Porcelain, Ceramics, Pre-Columbian and Native American Pottery

LauraWorking leafPlate porcelain porcelainFace

Complete repair - Virtually undetectable. Missing pieces are made, cracks and shatters are filled and leveled. The piece is then airbrushed and glazed to match existing finish.

Partial repair - Slightly visible repair. Missing pieces are made, cracks and shatters are filled and leveled. The piece is then hand painted.

Glue Only - Piece is only glued together. All missing pieces, cracks and shatters are left as is.

*Please note that all repairs are strictly decorative and should not be used for holding water, food, potpourri, etc. Restored porcelains are not refired, therefore gold may vary slightly.


painting painting2 painting3 painting4

Line canvases - With the use of a hot vacuum table, we can line or reline paintings with a high quality linen backing.

Repair damage - We repair tears, holes and consolidate loose or flaking paint.

Clean - We have the ability to remove varnish, nicotine, soot and surface grime.

Gilded Frames, Mirrors and Furniture

guilded guided2 guilded3 guilded4

We secure loose and broken areas, as well as make missing pieces. We then fill, sand and oil gild to match existing finish.
Complete and partial repairs available. See description of each under "Porcelain."

Glass and Crystal

glassVase GlassBody lauraWorkingGlass glassBowl

We reconstruct existing pieces and fabricate missing pieces. We do not grind or cut down edges of cups and glasses. All repairs are visible.

Other Decorative Objects

lauraWorking santaUrn marble candleSticks

Painted furniture and other wood objects
Papier Mache


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